Lisa Esquivel-Clark

Since 2004, Lisa Esquivel-Clark has been a powerhouse in all aspects of the esthetic industry. Her therapeutic approach to every client’s condition garnered her a loyal clientele from New York to Wake Forest. She was even instrumental in working with North Carolina to legalize Lash Lifts to help salons and spas increase long-term revenue. Lisa’s extensive experience makes her an all-around favorite educator and speaker. If you’re starting a business, wanting to learn new and unique esthetic skills or take your business to a higher level, be sure to hire Lisa. Each class will help to raise your income level by raising your standard of skill and service.

Kimberly Angeles

As a licensed esthetician with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Applied Education. In my role as the Administrative Director and Financial Aid Officer, I leverage my educational expertise to ensure students have the necessary support to excel in their esthetics education. Known for my compassionate nature and ability to connect with others, I bring a warm and engaging approach to my work. My passion for education and esthetics drives me to create a harmonious blend of both disciplines, fostering a nurturing and empowering learning environment for all students.

Iesha Lynch

A 2017 Licensed Esthetician, Iesha has been working in the industry specializing as a Wax Specialist mastering the study of hair removal consistently working with hard wax, soft wax, and sugaring. Even though waxing is her first passion and expertise, she also has a love for body treatments and facials. She loves to educate everyone she comes in contact with on how taking care of your body skin is just as important as taking care of your facial skin. Iesha also enjoys being a helping hand and providing support, especially when interacting with new and aspiring estheticians. Her bubbly and energetic personality along with her smiles brings a welcoming energy and her goal is to always make sure every person she comes in contact with is comfortable.

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